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  • Services

    Bespoke Training

    Our ability to evaluate a client's learning and development needs across a wide range of commercial sectors enables us to bring a fresh, agile and flexible approach to the analysis, design and delivery and evaluation of bespoke training programmes.

    Knowledge Management Consultancy

    The knowledge your organisation holds is of huge competitive advantage, so Sobiens Information Technology Ltd helps businesses of any size manage their knowledge assets by designing knowledge management strategies and providing essential knowledge management toolkits. Our knowledge management consultancy services enable organisations to harness and deploy knowledge held right across the enterprise. This will be designed to unblock the flow of knowledge across the organisation.

    Systems Integration

    Sobiens Information Technology Ltd helps businesses accelerate innovations and overcome business challenges with the aim of improving business performance. Our specialized people and tested approach enable us to work with clients understand their goals and have a clear vision of how to seamlessly integrate an accelerated solution to help meet those goals. By integrating new IT solutions into the existing IT landscape, you will be optimizing your business processes and protecting your investment.

    Project Management

    Sobiens Information Technology Ltd adopts a systemic approach to managing all our projects. Our approach is adapted to suite each individual project. Our project strategy can be summarized into the following 3 key components;

    • Project Assurance
    • Project Support
    • Controlling Change